Sunday, 27 September 2015

My very first post!

Lovely to meet you! I'm Hana, I live in London and I'm a journalist.

This blog is an art hub, it's a space for me to share recipes, craft ideas and teach sugar craft. As well as sharing my own work I will be searching the UK for crafters, cake makers, knitters, anybody that 'makes' to tell their stories and share their art (edible or inedible). 

Rewind to the 90s, it's Christmas. My Mum, sister and I would be in the kitchen. The house is filled with trays of handmade sweets, stacks of decorated boxes and slightly hap hazard handmade cards. This was always the way during the lead up to the festive period. Christmas crafting would kick off in November, the craft boxes would come out, and within no time, our fingers covered in glue and glitter.  

That was the beginning of my 'homemade obsession' that never went away. Now, in 2015 and into my early twenties, my Christmas time routine is still very much the same, and the rest of the year seems to be covered in glue and glitter too.

Keep crafting! H xx

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