Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fabric notebook holder {the 'list maker's' best friend}

I am a serial list writer. On a scary level. My desk is littered with post it notes, scraps of paper with 'TO DO' scribbled across the top of a list that is physically impossible to achieve in a day. So I thought I would make myself a pouch to keep my notepad and pen together.

There was a little bit of making up the rules as I went along but I'm happy with how it turned out!

{I'm going to keep my shorthand notebook in mine!}

You will need:

  • 2 A4 sheets of felt- 50p per sheet in Hobbycraft! 
  • Fabric scissors or decent kitchen scissors
  • A hairband
  • embroidery/ thick thread
  • Thick sewing needle 
  • A button

How to make:

Fold one sheet of felt in half. With the other piece of felt choose the size you would like the pocket to be. Cut it out.

Work out where you would like your button to be and stitch it onto the front of your folded felt, I used with the thinner needle and thread. On the back line up a hairband and stitch in place. 

Cut a smaller pocket for your pen holder. I chose a heart. N'awww.
Make two slits for your pen to slide into.

Stitch the heart onto the pocket. Stitch the pocket into your folded felt {I used a thinner needle and thread because the holes were too small}. 

Decorate which ever way you choose and you're all set! Have a lovely weekend! I've got a new instagram account so feel free to follow: @hanamaymakes 

H xx 

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