Sunday, 4 October 2015

Super simple banana and honey loaf

So not the best of Sundays today... I hit a curb whilst driving to pick some blackberries and blew out two tires. Stupid curb. So instead of an autumnal themed bake today, I am going to show you something just as good. I've had lots of requests for this recipe, so I can promise you it will go down a treat. This squidgy slice of banana and honey goodness is the bees knees (BEE PUN!),and the recipe is one I swear by. (Thank you Rachel for introducing me to it!)

{made friends with this little lady whilst waiting for someone to rescue me}

You will need:

125g butter

150g caster sugar

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract 

1 egg

2 very ripe bananas- A great little trick with banana bread is to use the blackest bananas you can use- they pack the most flavour. If I can see some are on the turn, I pop them into a zip lock bag and leave them on the window in the sun, speeds the process up! 

220g self raising flour

2 tablespoons of clear runny honey

60ml buttermilk or full fat milk 

How to make:  

Remember to pre heat the oven and line your tin (2lb). I used a silicone liner, partly laziness and partly because it looks cute.

Put the butter, sugar and vanilla into a saucepan and melt. Be careful not to burn! Keep at consistent temperature. 

Leave to cool slightly. Whilst that's chilling out, mash up your ripe bananas. Mine aren't as ripe as I would have liked, I normally use totally black ones. 

Add in the banana, don't mash it too smooth, it's quite nice to get little bits. Mix it in with a wooden spoon. Then add your honey.  

Then add the egg. Mix well with a spoon. It's important to make sure the mix is cool enough- you don't want scrambled eggs! 

Stir in the milk. Don't freak out, your mixture will look slightly more runny than usual cake recipes. But that is part of the magic.

Pop in the oven for 35-40 minutes, banana bread is a wet cake (eww) so when you test your cake with a skewer, it probably wont come out totally clean- that's a good thing!  

And that's that! I am going to put my feet up with a cuppa now. A note for people who appreciate tea as much as I do, try a chocolate tea. I know it sounds pretty grim, but you may be pleasantly surprised. 

Will be posting my Rolo Cookie Sandwiches tomorrow... 

Love Hana xxx

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