Friday, 9 October 2015

Upcyled autumnal twig candle

One way to make yourself look like a bit of a weirdo- collect twigs in public. I did just that last night after getting off the train from work. As I hobbled about in my office attire I felt conscious of the fact that the people around me had stopped their conversations and were staring, so I smiled and said "I know looks a little odd! I'm making something out of sticks!" which as you can imagine didn't help my cause. They just kind of smiled and nodded slowly.

But all in the name of making something pretty for the house and saving money on materials! 

You will need:


A glue gun

A jar, glass- anything you want to decorate!

Tea lights or small candle


How to make:

Get together your twigs and break them up if need be. You could make yours all the same length,I went for more of a rustic look :)

If they are a little damp, put them on a tray and pop them in the oven at 50 degrees Celsius. Mine were a little damp so I left mine in there for 5 minutes. 

Clean your jar to make sure there isn't any grease on the surface. 

Glue along the twig and attach to the jar. Repeat until the whole jar is covered. 

Wrap a ribbon around the centre and there you go! When the candle is inside, the light shines through the gaps in the twigs. Why not make a few as a feature for your living room? 

Have a great Friday! H xxx


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