Sunday, 27 September 2015

Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair- Hampton Court Palace

Hello again, I am blogging like mad today!

So it's a little late I know, but this day out was far too good not to write about. Last Saturday Will and I popped to Hampton Court Palace for The Handmade Fair presented by Kirstie Allsopp.

There was a bit of a vintage theme to the women wandering about the tents and everyone seemed to be wearing homemade pieces and clothes- Hampton Court Palace received it's fair share of inspiration for that weekend.

As well as neat little stalls selling gorgeous handmade jewellery, crafting books and reams of pretty material in what seemed to be an Aladin's cave-tent, classes were available throughout the day. We were taken back to art class with Zeena Shah in our lino printed stationary class and made fabric twine vases with Hester Van Overbeek, which is the best way to up cycle unwanted clothes and material!


One of my true loves in life is jewellery, my motto being you can never have enough. But sometimes I find handmade jewellery is the best because it has someone's passion built into it. I know that's a bit deep but if you think about it, it's true! I met the wonderful Karen Fox who makes stunning Elizabethan  inspired pieces. I spoiled myself and bought a solid silver ring which was modelled on Elizabethan collars. What do you think? 

So this is my slightly bodged and rushed attempt of a fabric twine vase! I spent too much time chatting so my twine wasn't quite long enough (2 metres) so I improvised… 

Would totally recommend it, the food was great, the cocktail bar was even better and the produce on offer was top notch. Sadly I missed the lady herself as we got there slightly later, will have to watch Kirstie's Handmade Home to make up for it! ;) 

How to make Hester's Fabric Twine Wrapped Vase


  • A jam jar- a mason jar would look pretty awesome
  • Glue gun or superglue- I would recommend the glue gun 
  • Plenty of fabric or canvas ripped into strips. (For mine I used quite thin material)
  • Scissors


Pair two strips of material, if you are using thinner material they can between 1.5 and 2 inches, if thicker material then maybe stick between 1 and 1.5 inches. The strips don't have to be perfectly straight either, I quite like the messy look!

Knot your first two strips together. Make sure one is a few inches or so longer than the other, don't worry, it will all become clear :) 

Holding the knot in one hand and hold one strip away from you and twist it on it's self twice. Then pull it over the other strip.

Repeat the twisting on the other strip and then pull over the other. It's like plaiting but with two pieces rather than three. 

Keep wrapping and folding tightly and through some magical power, the strips bind together. To check that it's working, let go of the twisted strips and just hold the knot and see if they stay together, if they do- you're doing good. 

When you come have ran out of the shorter strand, you should be left with a few inches extra from the other. Flatten the remaining end strand and pick up a new strip of material. Pop the start of new piece on top of the remaining strip.

Fold the bottom strip around the new strip, making sure the new strip is wrapped inside.

You may need to adjust the newly wrapped strand to assure it won't slip out.

Continue to twist as before. 

Do this until you have 2 meters (this would be for a standard jam jar, if you are using a mason jar or something larger then you will need another half a meter or so. 

Once you've reached your perfect length, knot the same as you did in the start. Glue one knot to the bottom of your jar. Wrap around the jar so that the glass is covered. Glue again at the top to secure.

And done, a cute vase or pot for your pens and pencils!
I hope Monday treats you well, 

Hana xx    


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