Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How to make decorated letters

You wander into any cute home boutique- you know the ones I mean, they all seem carry a strong smell of sandalwood and are full of gorgeous little trinkets that I wish I could afford. Among the Yankee Candles and photo frames, you will often find wooden letters to decorate your window sills or book shelves with.  

I wanted an H and W to go in our bathroom and decided to avoid the heavily perfumed shop and set aside a rainy Sunday afternoon to create my own!  

You will need:
MDF letters- I got mine from an independent craft shop for £2 per letter. You can get them from most places like eBay, Amazon and Hobbycraft.  You could use cardboard letters if you wanted to, they are even easier on your purse.
PVA glue or wood glue. (I used wood glue)
Paint brush- use an old cheap one, glue will destroy any nice brushes! (I found this out the hard way)
Old magazines- a bit of creative recycling! I went for a nature theme, so went through old gardening, nature and home mags. 

How to customise your letters:
Rip up a stash of magazines, in a mixture of sizes. For more of a ‘shabby chic’ feel- tear, don’t cut!
If using wood glue, mix in a FEW DROPS of water to give a slightly more fluid consistency. Don’t make it too runny! Remember, you can always add more. 
Paint on your glue in small sections and stick the pieces of magazine straight onto the glued patch, remember to paint the glue over too, to seal and to give a shine. 
Leave your letters to dry. I covered the bottom of my letter too, so the edges don’t peel up.
And that’s it! I painted a & sign to go with mine. These add a unique little touch to your home decor which costs next to nothing! Another nice idea would be to use pressed flowers...

Hope you have a lovely week! 
Hana xx

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